OUR MISSION: To provide a safe, fun and pleasurable Brule experience to our new and existing customers.  We strive for the highest quality customers service in addition to providing the high quality name brand products. A carbon neutral Wisconsin business is also an important future goal of ours.

About us: Let’s go back to the spring of 1962 for a bit.

John F. Kennedy was president, the U.S. and our allies are in the middle of the “Cuban Missile Crisis” (Russian),  The Beatles come out with a first single, “Love me Do”, the U.S. launches the first man into space, and a 16 year old with entrepreneurial spirit, has a grand plan of renting canoes on the Bois (Bwa) Brule. Locals were skeptical.  Of course, all be it, close in historic importance, this business idea quickly became a recreation that spread in popularity. 

60 years, 8 recessions,  the 1965 Vietnam Draft, 4 generations, a 100 year virus, and year after year of unpredictable Midwest weather, and we’re still open today. Quite a remarkable feat. With a little napkin math, we estimate that our customers have paddled an estimated over 2,135,000 miles on the Brule over the last 61 years.  How thankful are we??? As far a tragedy is concerned, we are thankful, if you know what we mean. We make mistakes, you bet but we try to fix em’. From family and help from our hardworking friends, we can only pray for health and the continued success of this story and the ability to paddle long into the future.

Carlson’s are thankful for the returning groups, families, scouts, church groups and newcomers that enter our small world in Brule to enjoy this majestic free flowing fountain.  

But it’s not “About Us”. It is entirely about our amazing visitors of today and yesterday….thank you for the many wonderful year.

The Carlson’s

Elphie, Brian, Ryan, Aaron, Rylan, Lyvia, Avery, Jadyn, Caitlyn and Dennis Bowen.

In loving memory of Elphie Carlson, Roger Solomaki and Darrell Kemp