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3-5 hours | 10 miles

What to Bring: Bug spray, sun screen, hats, sunglasses, change of clothes, shoes, no flip flops

Stones Bridge to Winneboujou is classified as our A1 trip, and is the most popular canoe and kayak run on the Bois Brule River. Stretching for roughly 10 miles, the trip takes an average of 4 hours to 6 hours, complete for the casual group. A1 has been very popular in our 1- or 2-person recreational kayaks, along with the traditional 2 person canoe.

Due to the slower flow of the current, kids as well as adults that are unfamiliar with canoeing and kayaking will find this trip an excellent experience. As you paddle from Stones Bridge the river pulls along at a slow pace, meandering through a series of coniferous bogs lined with thick under brush and tall grasses. The crystal clear waters are reminders of the thousands of natural springs that fill the river. This cool fresh water promotes the diverse the trout population that fisherman and women have been so enticed to for centuries. On a hot summer day the cool water is a refreshing delight.

Roughly an hour down the river from Stones Bridge stands the famous cedar island estate where President Calvin Coolidge ran the country and the White House in the summer of 1928. Between Cedar Island and your eventual take-out at Winneboujou, the river current picks up the pace a bit. Swapping our silty soil for sand, the aromatic smell of Cedars towering Maple, Ash, Tamarack, Red and White Pines. The worlds largest White Pine is located on this section as well. Big Twin, Wildcat, and Little Twin are among the half-dozen or so rapids that scoot you down the river to the destination at Winneboujou.

Additionally, the river widens at many locations. Big Lake and Lucious Lake give a generous view of wildlife and spectacular color from afar. As the river meanders closer to the takeout. The beautiful early 19th and 20th century boat house and homes are a sight to see. Having been preserved to hold their original character, many of the homes have been passed down though family generations to ensure the original preservation and character that defines this one of a kind river.

A rich pedigree of people have contributed to the history of the Brule rivers presidents designation. Cleveland, Coolidge, Eisenhower, Hoover and Grant have fished or visited here giving the river of presidents its name. Weyerhaeuser lumber, once the largest land owners in the United States and John H Ordway, owners of the 3M corporation are among land owners. However, it is those that call the Brule their home, far outnumber the famous memories of the past. They stayed for good reason, to witness the magical beauty.

Since 1962, BRCR, INC. has serviced hundreds of thousands of adventure seekers using our hassle free shuttle service helping families, friends, and nonprofit groups enjoy one of the most pristine rivers in all of America. You will come to find that our non-guided trips are a way to experience the river at your own pace as we provide the finest river canoes and kayaks and equipment available today.

If you own your own canoe or kayak, no problem. We have shuttle service for that as well. Call for any questions you may have at 715-372-4983 or reserve your canoes or kayaks today: Come enjoy the river of presidents with us.