Water Conditions

Bois Brule River Water Conditions



USGS Water-data graph for site 04025500


Range (cfs)Water LevelEstimated Difficulty
0 - 125Extremely LowPaddling not recommended
125 - 200Low RunnableSeveral rapids will be bony. Fun whitewater for novices.
250 - 350Moderate RunnableLittle Joe are at class II. Fun whitewater for novices.
350 - 600High RunnableSome waves may scare or flip less-experienced paddlers. Fast current in constrictions.
600 - 1000Very High RunnableNovice paddlers should avoid the river.
1000 - 9999Extremely HighRare, high flows. Experienced paddlers only.



Gauge Height

USGS Water-data graph for site 04025500



Additional Condition Information

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