Whitewater kayaking is an adventure sport where a river is navigated in a decked kayak. These sit-in kayaks have a “skirt” that fits around your waist and covers the deck to prevent water from filling the kayak. The kayaks are shorter than recreational or sea kayaks, ranging from 7-10 ft in length. Generally, you would use these kayaks while paddling larger class II, III and IV rapids. 

The Brule has only 1 section we generally rent our whitewater kayaks on. Our D2 (Pine Tree-Hwy 13) paddle section is 3-5 hours and stretches for 9 miles. With over 80 sets of rapids, we suggest having at least some experience kayaking before paddling this trip. We suggest our B1 or A2 trip prior, and is a great precursor warm-up for the D2 whitewater. (12 years of age and older suggested).

Sizing chart

90-240 pounds – Up to 6’3”  Dagger Mamba 8.6 
240 + – Dagger Axis 12’