Introduction Video 


A1 Trip – Stones Bridge to Winneboujou (Easiest)

A2 Trip – Stones Bridge to Brule (Intermediate)


B1 Trip – Winneboujou (Intermediate)


D2 Trip – Pine Tree to Hwy #13 (Intermediate to Advanced)

Canoeing and Kayaking the Bois Brule in Northern Wisconsin

Experience the thrill up close!

The world-famous Bois Brule River is a gem among the waterways of the Upper Midwest. Flowing 50 miles north into Lake Superior, the river provides consistent spring fed water through the Brule River State Forest. Float among Wisconsin’s unblemished water and experience the finest canoeing or kayaking of its kind in America. See the crystal-clear water bubble over sand and rock formations and swirl into transparent pools. Or feel the exhilaration while being hit with a splash of water as you kayak the more aggressive lower Brule’s 80+ rapids. Our novice trips are a breeze and the Brule is a haven for anglers after the wily trout.

Here in Brule we have all the resources necessary to make your canoeing or kayaking experience an exciting and entertaining adventure. Only the finest names in white water equipment are used and our convenient shuttle service eliminates any transportation concerns. There are 21 trips to choose from, skill levels from beginners to advanced.

We are now renting
Sea Kayaks for Lake Superior- Single and Tandem
Stand-up boards (SUPs)
Recreational Kayaks
Whitewater Kayaks