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3-5 hours

Kid Friendly: Yes

Location: Hwy 2 to Pine Tree

Number of People in Boat
Canoe: 2-3 people. 2 adults and 1 child
Recreational Kayak: 1 person
Tandem Recreational Kayak: 2 people (400lbs max)

Highway 2 to Pine Tree canoe landing is a 3-5 hour paddle that meanders through the middle section of the river, known as the “Meadows.”  Your trip will begin by floating under 3 bridges, one being a 20th century wrought iron train trestle. Slow and winding, the river pushes you along a meandering path famous for birdwatching, fishing and seclusion. Passing just a few homes, this peaceful trip may include only wildlife, perhaps you and your group and no one else. Your trip ends with a few small rapids before the take out at Pine Tree canoe landing.