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Beginner to Intermediate

3-5 hours

Kid Friendly: Yes

Number of People in Boat
Canoe: 2-3 people
Tandem Kayak: 2 people
Recreational Kayak: 1 person

An amazing trip that consists of dozens of class I, and II rapids. This trip begins at Hwy 13 and finishes at Lake Superior.

The 3 1/2-5 hour trip drops in elevation consistently here and is wider than the rest of the river. This makes it more shallow in spots so make sure water levels are sufficient.

We recommend water levels between 160-250 cubic feet per second.

Kayaking is recommended but if you have your heart set on canoeing, go for it. As you approach closer to the big lake, the river flattens out and paddle will end your trip.

Depending on the weather, the closer you get to Lake Superior, normally the colder it gets but the experience ending at Lake Superior is like no other