River Trips and Rates

We offer 21 different river trip combinations ranging from 4 hours to 3 days. Below are our most popular trips.


Reservations are strongly recommended, especially for all weekends & holidays. Call (715) 372-4983 or use our online booking tool to reserve your trip.


A1: Stones Bridge to Winneboujou

9 miles | 4 hours


Pass by Cedar Island. See what brought five presidents to the Brule.

 1 boat2-4 boats5-9 boats10+ boats
For weekends and holidays, add $5/canoe and $3/kayak



A2: Stones Bridge to Town of Brule

16 miles | 6 hours


An extension of “trip A1” to include class II rapids.

 1 boat2-4 boats5-9 boats10+ boats
For weekends and holidays, add $5/canoe and $3/kayak



B1: Winneboujou to Town of Brule

4 miles | 1.5 hours


Includes class II rapids past the Department of Natural Resources headquarters and campgrounds.

 1 boat2-4 boats5-9 boats10+ boats
For weekends and holidays, add $5/canoe and $3/kayak




D2: Pine Tree to Hwy. 13

10 miles | 4 hours

Intermediate to Advanced

Our most difficult trip going through class III rapids. Includes Lenroot and Mays Ledges. Kayaks recommended.

 1 boat2-4 boats5-9 boats10+ boats
For weekends and holidays, add $5/canoe and $3/kayak



Included in Your Rental

Rental of a boat includes paddles and PFDs/life jackets. For whitewater kayaks, rental also includes spray skirt and helmet.

All boat rentals include shuttle service. There is an additional fee to shuttle a third person (duffer) for in a canoe. This fee is $4 for those under 16 years of age.

Brule River Canoe Rental does not recommend 3 adults in a canoe in summer conditions. Instead, a separate kayak is recommended for the extra 3rd person.

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and cash are accepted.